Integrating Olympism, ICT, and Education for SDG Implementation and Global Progress

On the sidelines of the Women’s Empowerment Conference, the Minister of Women visited the ‘Filles-Codeuses’ workshops animated by MDI partners and Microsoft, as well as the workshop of Women of ‘Gie Poterie Sejnene’. The two workshops side by side demonstrated the fact that the challenges and difficulties to overcome are often the same.

As part of the project “Ambitious Africa”, the Tunisian think tank MDI is pleased to invite you to the to the digital event that will take place on Thursday, April 30, 2020 from 9am. “Ambitious Africa” is a project whose objective is to enable the creation of strong and sustainable links between the Nordic countries and Africa.

It will be officially launched on May 26th. In the meantime, several projects will be organized online and they aim at creating networks and launching real projects.

The Tunisian national day scheduled for April 30 is coordinated by the Mediterranean Development Initiative “MDI” and its Youth Platform, in cooperation with CONECT International (the Confederation of Citizen Enterprises of Tunisia). This day is open to all those who have a project and are looking for an investor, a partner or for building a network. English is the language of communication.

The National Day of Tunisia is to exploit the main Nordic assets of education entrepreneurship and entertainment in close collaboration with various African countries to increase global welfare.

Register on the following link:

Image Credit : Ambitious Africa

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