Meeting in Helsinki with Peter Versterbacka, founder of Rovio, Angry birds and Fun Academy

The global economy is changing rapidly and incorporating more and more new technologies. Information technology and advances in communications are affecting the way we learn and work, and the nature of the tasks we perform, to the point where the value of complex, creative, skilled work is critical. As a result, the economic growth of countries in general, and Tunisia in particular, is increasingly dependent on the quality of human capital – skills, learning and creative talents. School and university education remains the
backbone of human capital formation.

However, our education system needs to be completely rethought and adapted to technological changes and to the present and future demands of the private sector. Only a completely rethought education will allow future generations to meet the challenges of a digital world. Above all, it is about \”learning to learn\”. ICT is revolutionizing education.
70% of the jobs that future adults will have in the future do not yet exist. Rovio is revolutionizing the education systems of a few countries in the world such as China, Japan, Mexico, Spain … Tunisia could be
next on the list!

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