MDI participation at the Paris Peace Forum 2022

Our founder Ghazi ben Ahmed participated in the Paris Peace Forum and spoke about the future of his native country, Tunisia.

“Tunisia is symbolic of many of the crises currently facing the world. The country suffered considerably during the pandemic, and had the highest death toll in Africa. In 2020, Tunisia plunged into its worst recession since independence in 1956. The economic consequences of Russia’s war in Ukraine continue to reverberate, with Tunisia among the countries most vulnerable to the fallout. The debt-ridden country is experiencing a sharp rise in food and fuel prices. Shops are no longer able to stock basic goods and protests are on the rise. More and more Tunisians say they see no future in the country and are seeking to emigrate to Europe. Although Tunisia has just signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to avoid the prospect of default, the economic situation has not stabilised.

In this context, Tunisia’s status as the only democracy to emerge from the Arab Spring is under threat. Recent political developments, notably the new constitution which gives increased powers to the president, could complicate the situation. To discuss the future of Tunisia, a country at the centre of various intertwined crises, this roundtable brings together a range of civil society representatives, economic experts, French representatives and the media.”

Credit : Paris Peace Forum