Inauguration of MDI Brussels

Good morning everyone,

Ghazi Ben Ahmed, Issam Ouertani and Ahmed Lagha are proud to announce the creation of the MDI Brussels project whose statutes were initially led with the Belgian institutions on September 23, 2022, under the company number BE 0791.356.484.

MDI Brussels is a non-profit organization whose vocation is to enable the economic and social development of Tunisia, our home country, through the bilateral strengthening of relations between Belgium, its European institutions and Tunisia.

Concerned about the turbulent post-revolutionary current events in what was once known as ancient Carthage, we found important to draw one of the solutions to Tunisia’s economic and social questioning from its European and global diaspora.

To this end, MDI Brussels will soon organize meetings between several circles of the Tunisian society such as actors of the entrepreneurial and social sphere with the European institutions.

One of the aims is to produce analyses and proposals for decision makers from the North and South of the Mediterranean and for citizens, as well as to contribute to the debates related to the Barcelona process and the Europe/Mediterranean/Africa vertical.

To this end, the MDI is a platform for discussion and debate and relies on independent experts and a network of leading partners and researchers.

We thank you for taking the time to read our first stone to this huge edifice and we end with this quote from the famous Hannibal Barca, an emblematic figure of Tunisian antiquity:

“We will find a way or we will create one.”


The founding team

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