Some figures for the second round of Tunisia’s legislative elections …

A key event in Tunisian politics has caught the attention of MDI Brussels in recent weeks!

The first democracy in the Arab world under Kaïs Saïed knew the results of the second round of its legislative elections and it is not famous: the new parliament was voted by only 11.4% of voters.

In terms of numbers:

  • 90% of the population therefore abstained from voting. A world record of abstentions. Why this figure? One explanation lies in the population’s total disinterest in the government since its inaction in recent years.
  • 11.22% in the first round: the second round does little better than the first (December 10, 2022):
    more than 95% of newly elected parliamentarians are political figures independent of any political division and each with a personal program.
  • A referendum last year proposed a new constitution at odds with the values of the founders of our republic and garnered 30.5% participation.

94.6% had said yes to the new referendum via a physical vote: figures which undoubtedly recall the results of the great dictators of this world such as Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the former dictator of the country.

Credit: Independent Superior Electoral Institution (ISIE), France 24, Anadolu Agency, franceinfo & Direct Info – Webmanager Center (photo)

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