AHMED LAGHA– Cofounder and Treasurer

I have always felt a profound and unbreakable connection to my homeland. My determination to effect change in Tunisia is genuine: I believe that one of the nation’s greatest assets lies in its diaspora and the wealth of knowledge it possesses from around the globe. Driven and ambitious, I continually seek new environments in which to cultivate and enhance my diverse skill set.

As a co-founder and one of the three administrators of the Belgian division of Mediterranean Development Initiative, I oversee administrative tasks and spearhead the creation of graphic and editorial content for our social media platforms. Drawing from my background as a former e-sport journalist, I bring a wealth of experience in content creation to my role. Currently, I oversee several operations within MDI, such as project management, treasury, establishing a reliable long-term communication and media strategy, as well as logistical organization of events for the NGO.

I devote a significant portion of my time to the operations of MDI Brussels, with the shared goal of fulfilling our mission to bridge the gap between the North and the South. My personal passion lies in addressing four key themes: poverty reduction, gender equality, sustainable development, and equity. I am committed to ensuring that these themes remain central to MDI’s ongoing efforts.

In today’s world, sustainable development and the fight against climate change are paramount to humanity’s survival and prosperity. Since the industrial revolution, and particularly since the 1970s, we have depleted Earth’s resources without due consideration for the well-being of our planet and its ecosystems.

By leveraging technology to address these pressing issues, I firmly believe that we can achieve remarkable progress, both within Europe and across the Mediterranean region.

Social justice is another cause that resonates deeply with me. My personal involvement in politics reflects my dedication to promoting equity as a fundamental value. I firmly believe that while we are all born with equal rights, disparities in socio-economic circumstances profoundly impact our opportunities and potential. Thus, I am committed to driving societal change to reduce inequalities between the rich and the poor, as well as between genders.