When an AI reproduces the famous scenes of Carthage

Carthage, the famous Carthage.

Did you know that the blood of a powerful ancient people is hidden in the genes of the Tunisian people?

The Carthaginians were known for their ancestry throughout the Mediterranean basin, their innate sense of commerce and their talent for navigation. They were unknown to all after the subjugation and total annihilation of the city by the Romans.

Carthage was founded by the descendant of the Phoenician royal family (i.e. present-day Lebanon): Elyssa Dido.

After fleeing her native country and still according to legend, she drew the boundaries of Tunisia with the threads of a bovine animal’s skin, following an agreement with the local Berber lords.

Much later, Carthage had its own legendary warriors, such as Hannibal Barca. Hannibal is said to have been one of the few in his time to impose his near surrender on Rome, only to be betrayed by his country’s rulers following a secret agreement with the Roman rulers.

According to the versions told in history, the fear he will evoke in Caesar and the Roman soldiers was so strong that he would have been pursued long after his defeat in the Mediterranean basin.

An artificial intelligence, DeepNostalgia, has synthesized according to its ‘memory’ mythical scenes of Carthaginian life, we let you admire them!

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