MDI’s first roundtable marks a successful start!

MDI’s first roundtable marks a successful start!

Organized in the heart of the European administrative district, at the Press Club Brussels Europe, our interlocutors took turns to speak on the transitions in Syria and Tunisia.

The moderator, Koetsenruijter Adrianus, brought his opinion enlightened by his work in the European institutions as well as his experience as head of the E.U. delegation in Tunisia: a nuanced opinion that allows for an in-depth understanding of the role Europe can have in such situations.

Salam Kawakibi, director of the Arab Center for Research and Political Studies in Paris (CAREP), has the tragic situation that Syria is experiencing under the regime of Bashar al-Assad: his poignant description touched the whole audience.

Our founder Ghazi Ben Ahmed, presented a comprehensive overview of the current situation in Tunisia, both socially and economically: a disturbing state of affairs, but which, with the will and hope, is capable of resorbing.

The entire conference was recorded, including the speech by our Syrian expert, Salam Kawakibi. Here is his full account.

We will also remember from this round table an interested exchange between the public and our speakers.
We warmly thank the people present at the conference.

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