An EU delegation refused entry to Tunisia: reaction of Ghazi ben Ahmed on Radio Express FM

A delegation of MEPs from the Foreign Affairs Committee was expected in Tunis from 14 to 16 September.

The team comprised Michael Gahler, Dietmar Köster, Mounir Satouri, Emmanuel Maurel and Salima Yenbou, with whom our team is working jointly on the subject of Euro-Tunisian cooperation.

Just before the visit, the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent this letter to the representatives:

« The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration and Tunisians Abroad of the Republic of Tunisia presents its compliments to the Delegation of the European Union in Tunis, and informs it that following the continuation of the visit to Tunisia from 14 to 16 September 2023, of a delegation from the “Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament (AFET)”, and despite the many reservations about it, this delegation will not be authorised to enter the national territory. »

This diplomatic incident will greatly complicate relations between the EU and Tunisia. « This is a luxury that Tunisia cannot afford », stressed the President of MDI Brussel, Ghazi Ben Ahmed.

With a view to strengthening bilateral development and partnerships, Salima Yenbou told Jeune Afrique that she was interested in meeting the whole of Tunisian society: from the government to civil society, from the Assembly to the UGTT trade union and the private sector, as well as the families of political prisoners.

The people and organisations concerned had also expressed an interest, but the government suddenly changed its mind just before the visit.

Ghazi Ben Ahmed spoke in Arabic to Radio Express FM about the subject. Radio Express FM is the fifth-largest private radio station in Tunisia. This generalist station with an economic focus set up its studios in Tunis and was founded on 21 October 2010 by Mourad Gueddiche and Naoufel Ben Rayana. It broadcasts mainly in the Greater Tunis and Sfax areas.

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