MDI took part in the launch event for EGONIX, a young technology start-up

The Tunisian entrepreneurial ecosystem shines with its creativity and dynamism, particularly in diverse fields such as technology and sustainable development. Recently, we’ve highlighted several companies thriving in this domain. But what about the Belgian scene, where our headquarters are currently located?

Mediterranean Development Initiative had the privilege of attending the launching event of EGONIX at the Google Digital Atelier Belgium in BeCentral, a startup founded by a young entrepreneur named Anis Addouh, aged 22!

Starting his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 16, Anis Addouh developed a growing interest in new technologies. In October 2023, he realized his ambition by founding EGONIX after being incubated by Start Lab ICHEC.

Armed only with his skills, nascent experience, and later, his partners, Anis first succeeded in commercializing the technology necessary to create virtual business cards, accessible from your smartphones.

The concept? Using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, allowing the exchange of information packets at close range between devices, two smartphone owners exchange their virtual business cards.

This interaction requires the prior creation of a digital profile containing professional data. Thus, each user instantly obtains the professional information of the other.

This process will lead to the establishment of a future platform capable of generating statistics, identifying potential prospects, and effectively managing the contacts and clients of each user.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, EGONIX managed to gather the necessary funds to continue the next stage of the project, notably through the development of a dynamic and user-friendly platform for sharing professional data.

It must be said that with determination and support from entities like Google or the Brussels-Capital Region, Anis Addouh and his team have everything they need to achieve the pinnacle of their ambitions!

Article written by Ahmed Lagha, co-founder of the Belgian branch of Mediterranean Development Initiative

Ahmed Lagha


Ahmed Lagha


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