Historic vote on the green deal in the European Parliament : The Nature Restoration Act has been approved!

Nature has triumphed!

Legislation designed to protect the climate and nature was adopted yesterday by the European Parliament. The aim? Restore at least 20% of the union’s seas and land by 2030 and all degraded ecosystems by 2050.

All the elements were there to sound the climate alarm:

  • Humanity is facing the 6th mass extinction of its fauna.
  • 80% of natural habitats are in continual decline.
  • Global warming is causing temperatures that are harmful or even fatal to the development of all species.

Indispensable for the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems and for the fight against global warming, this legislation had been under discussion for several months but was blocked by the conservative and climate sceptic blocs.

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“A rejection of the text would have signalled a double failure: both for our younger generations, who would be deprived of a major step towards preserving our planet, and for European democracy. (Salima Yenbou, French MEP)

The law passed by just a handful of votes: 336 in favour, 324 against and 12 abstentions. Strong support from civil society, green organisations and citizens was needed for the media coverage and framework of this new regulation.

César Luena, Spanish MEP, reports: “The Nature Restoration Act is an essential part of the European Green Deal and follows the scientific consensus and recommendations to restore Europe’s ecosystems. Farmers and fishermen will benefit, and it guarantees a habitable land for future generations. The position we have adopted today sends a clear message.

We must now continue to work hard, defend our position in negotiations with the Member States and reach an agreement before the end of this Parliament’s mandate to adopt the first regulation on nature restoration in the history of the EU”.

A considerable step forward, but it remains to be seen whether this will be the first of many, as recommended in the scientific reports of the IPCC

Photo Credit : European Commission

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